Posted: 6 Nov, 2019

I like the feel of Seattle as I stroll down the waterfront, taking in the shops, restaurants and vendors competing for the tourist dollar. The lovely weather adds to the TGIF feeling. Just when I think that I have perfected my window-shopping skills, I succumb to a book of beautiful photos of Seattle- of course, this is for my wife, I reason.

My meandering takes me past the aquarium and to the pulsating Pike Market Place where you can buy anything fresh, veggies, fruit, fish, meat including cannabis cookies. Lots to tempt one if one had the bucks. I make my way through the CBD and to the Space Needle. It is a busy afternoon with lots of vendors and activities around the tower. The $80 ticket to ride to the top of the tower is too expensive for my budget and I elect to rather listen to a band from Ecuador playing to an appreciative audience.

As the sun begins to set I head across town to Chinatown.
As I approach the southern part of downtown, I notice the subtle changes in SES indicators; this part of the city appears more run down. As I turn the corner into 3rd Ave I stumble on a tented village, several homeless people have put up small tents similar to my own on the pavement of the city. Folk sitting on the pavement, deep in conversation, sharing supper, music playing in the background.

In this city that is home to the headquarters of Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and Walmart, there is an escalating gentrification phenomenon that is making housing unaffordable to many people.

See the article in the local newspaper.…/seattle-addicted-bad-narratives-abou…

Food for thought:
Ever have judgmental thoughts about homeless people, asking for some change?
Ever thought if you were to live on the streets, how you would survive?