Posted: 6 Nov, 2019

Seattle is a beautiful, picturesque city which is fast becoming my favourite US city. It has a shapely coastline that has a skyscraper profile with the Space Needle being a distinctive feature.

Viewed from Bainbridge Island, the mountains and forests drape like a verdant scarf around the city’s neck; at night this becomes a spectacled necklace of colour. It reminds me of my beloved Cape Town, seen from Robben Island.

Nostalgic sentiments of the mother city’s beauty become entangled with memories of Madiba’s imprisonment on the island and recently deceased Johnny Clegg’s haunting song– Asimbonanga.

Johnny Clegg (With Nelson Mandela) – Asimbonanga – 1999 Fran via @YouTube

This song written when the political icon of the South African struggle was still ensconced on the island has become a favourite song with the young men in the Usiko Stellenbosch NGO and the Sibanye Programme. It speaks of their deep need of a role model to look up to and to emulate.

Thank you, Seattle, for connecting me momentarily to my hometown, and its history, and icons.

Grist for the mill
What stands out for you about the town you grew in?
What significance does this feature/aspect still have for you today?
What favourite places would you want to show a visitor to your city?
What stories, icons and historical places about your city’s past would you share?
What music (and music venues) would you share about your city?