Aim & activities:

To aid the transition into the working world through vocational skills, internships and help with accessing bursaries and further education: 150 beneficiaries.

The programme runs over one year and works with 150 youth per annum who have completed Usiko’s other programmes. The sustainable livelihoods programme aims to improve high school attendance and increase youth employability. As well as practical vocational skills, it aids learners in making informed decisions about their life path and career opportunities, supporting them during the vulnerable transition from school to the working world.

The services offered include grants in aid to help learners to stay in school. These grants would cover the payment of school fees, uniforms and stationery. Services are geared towards gaining access to work, further training opportunities or higher education options. Participants who may have already dropped out of school are assisted with alternative educational and learnership possibilities.

A range of activities are available to assist beneficiaries, including internships and learnerships, job-hunting skills, CV writing and help understanding the interview process. Driving licenses and computer skills allow beneficiaries to have a competitive advantage in the job market and so learner classes and driving lessons with the relevant tests are offered along with basic business skills. Entrepreneurship is encouraged through classes and training as well as small amounts of seed funding to help set up businesses.

Number of Beneficiaries (per anum) 150