Posted: 19 Sep, 2019

Let me introduce you to San Gecko.

The gecko (or desert lizard) is Usiko Stellenboch’s emblem standing for hardiness, adaptability, resilience and having the will to survive in spite of trying circumstances. In many ways the young people in Usiko’s programmes are like the Gecko- tough, resourceful, motivated and vigilant.

The San descriptor connects the Gecko to the indigenous rites of passage emphasis followed in Usiko’s youth development programmes. Indigenous peoples like the Khoi San and the Aborigines had special processes to assist their young men and women prepare for the roles and responsibilities of adulthood.

On this page, San Gecho will be checking in regularly as his meanderings permit, to muse, reflect, share thoughts, photos and pose questions about life, learning, connecting and wilding (being out in nature and the wilderness).

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San Gecho