Posted: 30 Sep, 2019

So I’m taking the Inside Passage to Alaska- a ferry trip that connects the northwestern Pacific coast of the USA to Alaska. The ferry heads out from Bellingham near Seattle and skirts around Vancouver and British Columbia before connecting 5 days later with the Alaskan coastline. Humpback whales, orcas, glaciers, rugged coastline, small islands and imposing mountains mark the route to Whittier, my landing port in Alaska. From thence I take a 2-hour shuttle to Anchorage, then to Fairbanks by train, then a bush plane hop to a small community on the Yukon River, barely 300 miles from the Arctic circle and from Russia across the Bering Straits. Feelings like the furthest place I can be on land from my beloved Cape Town.

The Inside Passage also suggests an internal journey of exploring, discovering, processing, and unfolding… with its own rugged landscape, challenges, and fascinations. A veritable journey into the wilderness within.

Thoughts to ponder on the way

What preparations are needed for the physical journey I’m undertaking?
What preparations are needed for the internal journey I’m undertaking?
How can my physical journey inform my internal journey? How can my internal journey inform my external journey?
What resources can I turn to when the going gets rough outside of my comfort zone?