Posted: 30 Sep, 2019

My friend, Russel, sees my FaceBook posting about getting ready to meander to Alaska and offers me a lovely word to accompany my journey- Coddiwomple! To travel purposefully to an as-yet-unknown destination.

I send him a reply: “Follow up thought, Russ, while I know where the physical journey is headed, I can’t say the same about the inner journey. Coddiwomple is indeed an apt description for the exciting but uncertain inside passage ahead.

In considering other comments and projections of friends and family members, I’ve had to give my wanderlust some deeper consideration. As I prepare to leave home, hearth and heart, I pondered over those I leave behind and wonder what they make of my wanderlust, my quest. This trip to Alaska is different for me. There is no searching, no void that pre-empts my wandering to Alaska. Rather there has been an urging, an invocation, a calling, obedience to an intuition that has pre-shaped my journey. I’ve begun to call some of these overlaps synchronicities, for these seem to be more than chance overlaps. There have been five stepping stones that have shaped my meandering to Alaska. These may be seen as separate events but were really stepping stones taking me deeper into wandering into the wilderness. More on these stepping stones in my future musing.

Biltong (aka jerky) to chew on:

Quo Vadis? Where is your life heading? Is it heading in the direction you want it to go?
Is there a dream or aspiration that you need to rekindle?
Do you have a sense of being ‘in control’ over the direction of your life?
It is said that if you don’t know where your life is heading, any road will take you there.