What we offer

School-based Project with Preventive-Developmental

School-based Project with Preventive-Developmental programmes are delivered to school going children over 12 months with the aim of keeping them in school and completing their education: 310 beneficiaries annually.

After School Clubs

Sports, Green environmental awareness and Youth-Led Clubs are run at partner schools after normal hours.  More than 150 beneficiaries per year.

Crime Prevention & Diversion

A rehabilitation process based on restorative justice philosophy provides an alternative to incarceration. This programme also includes a unique parent support programme which runs in parallel: 180 adjudicated beneficiaries, plus 60 parents per year

Sustainable Livelihoods

This programme aids youth in the transition into the working world through vocational skills, internships and help with accessing bursaries and further education: 150 beneficiaries per annum   

Girls in high risk communities

Women with Vision – a pilot programme for 2017 through collaboration among four non-profit organisations to learn about the issues girls face in gang infected areas and provide interventions for preventions and help.  This project is part of a worldwide initiative, potentially having a global impact.

Want to get involved?

In each of the programmes described below (total of 32), parents, children and youth participants participate in the following activities where transport, food and all the necessary equipment and materials are provided by Usiko:


Weekly 3 hourly psycho-social therapeutic focus groups (between 12 – 24 participants depending on the programme)   //   1x 4-day wilderness therapy intervention in a wilderness setting (in addition regular 1-day hikes also occur throughout various programmes   //   Mentoring (individual and group) provided by trained adult volunteers   //   Weekly and monthly conservation activities (children & youth only) – tree planting, food gardens, removal of alien vegetation, and water conservation initiative   //   Individual counselling – occasional as needs arise   //   Structured career development sessions   //   Joint parent-child problem solving and mediation   //   Fundraising projects   //   Occupational skills – resume preparation, interviewing, job application, driver’s license training, agricultural training, various other disciplines (plumbing, bee-keeping etc…)   //   Quarterly educational excursions (between 1 – 5 days)   //   Bursary fund available to tertiary students

 These groups are anchored and facilitated by experienced programme practitioners (per group).  Wilderness therapeutic interventions are facilitated by a joint staff-mentor (volunteer) team.