Aim & activities:

There are two versions of the programme: (1) Social Crime Prevention is run at schools for learners with behavioural problems that put them at risk of entering lives of crime. (2) Youth offenders recommended by the courts and probation services onto the programme as an alternative to incarceration.

The goal of both programmes is to unpack the adolescents’ struggle, to instil self-esteem and restore a sense of responsibility, while creating belonging, meaning and purpose in their lives so that they will make positive choices for their future that steers them away from criminal behaviour.

The Diversion programme is only one of a handful in the Western Cape, accredited by the Department of Social Development, which means that once a youth offender has completed the programme their criminal record will be cleared.

Parents: While youth take part in the court based diversion programme, a parallel parent support programme is run on a weekly basis. This is unique to Usiko who has custom-designed the programme in order to allow deep and sustainable change to happen for the whole family. Parents receive specialised support of social workers in a group or individual setting, developing their coping and boundary setting skills.

Number of Beneficiaries (per anum) 60 Court Recommended; 60 Social Prevention; 60 Parents

Youth Offenders – Court

Recommended Parents & Care givers

12-18 years


3 months cycle x 4
Social Crime Prevention – at-risk to Crime 12-18 years 6 months cycles, x 2 at 3 schools